Johnny from Heathensun Interview With Star Intl 99.9

1- Can you please tell us how did you start your music career?

Johnny: I don’t consider it a career. I’ve been singing and making a fool of myself for as long as I can remember. Then someone said you know you could probably make money off of that right? Next thing you know entertainment is my passion and escape from the mundane.

2- What are your achievements so far and main targets please?

Johnny: The fact that at least one person outside the band listened lmao. The main target is to keep that one dude happy and entertained. “It doesn’t matter if there is three dudes in wheel chairs or three thousand screaming hippies, I will put on a hell of a show cause I am a god-damn show biz professional..” Oderus Urungus

3- What are your near future plans and projects including your new upcoming release?

Johnny: I am diving in head first into Heathensun, all my plans and goals as of late, have been working towards our first album. Videos, mores songs, live shows, all of it is in our plans.

4- Are you opened to work on multiple music genres or just one?

Johnny: Oh gods yes! Mom listened to opera, dad to oldies, brother was metal, sisters were hair/boy bands, and my friends got me into hop hop. I love all styles and would love to work with any and all types of art.

5- What do you like to tell to your supporters out there now?

Johnny: I have supporters? Just kidding, I know my mom loves me. Nah, to anyone out there, as long as you like em, we’ll keep writing them.